My Butterfly Artwork

WALT: To create a mosaic picture using pastel and Indian ink.

I learned to draw my butterfly with chalk, colour inside my butterfly and do patterns then colour my butterfly in pastel

Here is a example of my learning

Next time I will try to keep my pastel in the chalk lines and colour dark so it pops.

The Rainbow Fish

WALT Focus on reading for a set purpose.

I learned to record key ideas.

I achieved my goal because I was focussed in my class room and I learned to record key ideas.

Next time I will finish my work quicker and put ideas in my own words.

ANZAC Writing

WALT retell the events of ANZAC day.

I learned that ANZAC day started in 1915 and it ended in 1918.

I achieved my goal because I learned about ANZAC day.

Next time I will put more interesting words into my story.

Some of my best sentences are:
The kiwis - New Zealanders, and the Diggers - Australians were working together to fight the Turks the Austro-Hungarians and the Germans.


Run to Australia

WALT run 1.5km for Cross Country

I learned that it is quite hard to run 6 laps but I was trying my best.

I achieved my goal because I ran 6 laps of the field.

Next time I will jog more to save my energy.